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The Bloom Medicinals Difference In Utah

October 6, 2020 in General News

The Bloom Difference

The Bloom Medicinals brand is known throughout the cannabis industry as one of the most trusted purveyors of medical cannabis products and services. We are proud to bring our level of quality to Cedar City, Utah, we look forward to helping patients access safe, natural medical cannabis.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public about the benefits of medical cannabis, to provide our patients with compassionate care using a wellness-based model focused on health, healing, and quality of life, and to give back to each community we serve.

The three tenets that define Bloom Medicinals and set it apart from other medical cannabis dispensaries are;

  1. Compassionate Care
  2. Education 
  3. Community Outreach

Compassionate Care

We aim to provide our patients with a caring and knowledgeable staff, a safe environment, and effective, value-based medical cannabis products. Every time a patient walks through our doors it is our responsibility to assist them in making informed decisions on how to properly medicate. Improving our patients’ quality of life is our most important goal.


Providing medical cannabis education to the members of the communities we serve is part of our mission. We firmly believe education will remove the negative stigmas surrounding cannabis as well as inform patients of the science supporting cannabis use for a list of medical conditions. This is why we plan to hold local events where the public can learn all about medical cannabis and the Utah medical cannabis program. 

Community Outreach

As a member of the communities that serve our dispensaries, we feel it is incumbent upon us to give back in the form of charitable giving. This takes the form of collecting monetary donations or needed supplies to give to local charities that are making positive changes in people’s lives. Together we can all bloom! 

Our Ultimate Goal

We hope to build a strong, long-lasting relationship with each patient so that their trust in us parallels that of their primary care physician or mental health provider.

The Bloom Difference Services

Our Cedar City, Utah dispensary will provide patients with all approved medical cannabis products so that each patient can find what best fits them. Patients will also be able to take advantage of free private consultations to talk about their medical condition, learn how to register for medical cannabis treatment, or how to use the different products available. 

To stay up to date on our progress and be among the first to hear about our opening date, join our community by completing the form on our homepage.

Then make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

See what our patients have to say about us!

“This is the best place in town. It’s the place where your questions are answered.” Germantown, MD

“Great prices and products. Always in and out. Outstanding staff. All around GREAT EXPERIENCE.” Columbus, OH

“Everything is so wonderful about this place. New, clean, stylish decor, FRIENDLY STAFF. Little to NO WAIT. Updated menu.” Seven Mile, OH

“Amazing staff, very knowledgeable and upbeat. Prices are best in the state. Highly recommended!” Maumee, OH

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