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Welcoming our
St George medical cannabis patients

Zion Medicinal provides many options for St George residents to access legal, affordable Utah cannabis with many unique product options for varying conditions and needs. Our team is experts at working with patients from St George to make accessing medical cannabis simple and easy.

Please visit our dedicated page for St George patients here

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Zion Medicinal St George medical cannabis patients

“Excellent pharmacy with competitive and sometimes even cheaper pricing than across lines.”

—Medical Cannabis Patient in St. George Utah

“One of the better dispensaries in UT. I used to have to drive to Deep Roots in Mesquite, NV., but recently, these past few months, Zion Medicinal has upped their THC %!!!!! Awesome! Keep it up! Keep providing us flower that is above 20% THC!!!!!!! ❤”

—Medical Cannabis Patient in St. George Utah

Built For Patients

Our Cedar City, Utah medical cannabis pharmacy is built to provide patients with a warm, friendly, and safe environment.

Designed to provide a safe waiting area, secured dispensing and private consultation rooms, our pharmacy is a one-stop shop for all things cannabis.

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The Best Patient Experiences Are Built On Compassion

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Zion Medicinal pharmacy staff welcoming
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Zion Medicinal cannabis pharmacy staff assisting patient
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