Welcoming all St.George Residents to our Medical Cannabis Pharmacy

Zion Medicinal is quickly becoming the preferred way for St George Patients to access safe, tested, affordable medical cannabis in Utah. St George patients love our broad selection of brands, product types, and specialty cannabis formulations for various conditions. Our experienced and helpful staff will get to know you by name and carefully guide you through options. Be sure to visit our menu for discounts for 65+, Veterans, first-time patients, and government assistance.

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What St. George patients are saying

“The staff and pharmacist here are very helpful. Indeed, the pharmacist does a great job explaining the products and how they may affect you. I Highly recommend it to everyone.”

—Medical Cannabis Patient in St. George Utah

“They are always friendly and helpful! I Love their sales and discounts.”

—St. George Utah Medical Cannabis Patient

“Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. Being able to order ahead to avoid going in makes dealing with my agoraphobia.”

—Medical Cannabis Patient in St. George Utah

“Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and truly care about their clients. The store is clean and comfortable with lounges, which is helpful to disabled people such as myself. The products are labeled in detail, and again, the staff is happy to answer any questions one may have.”

—St. George Utah Medical Cannabis Patient

“Excellent pharmacy with competitive and sometimes even cheaper pricing than across lines. Acquiring a med card is a bit of a hassle, but well worth it for the peace of mind and convenience.”

—Medical Cannabis Patient in St. George Utah

Best Practices To Follow When Purchasing

We have compiled best practices that St George Medical Cannabis patients follow when purchasing from Zion Medicinal in Cedar City, Utah.

1. Order online using our online menu, preorder, and checkout ahead of time to ensure you get the products you have. Also, streamline the pickup process so your order is already waiting for you when you arrive!

2. Call our pharmacy at (435) 708-1630 and talk to our team while you navigate the menu online or want to discuss a particular product or brand. We can explain anything to you by phone and discuss any questions.

3. Plan your visit during our open hours or when going to other destinations around St George and Cedar City to simplify your travel.

4. Utilize a Utah Medical Cannabis caregiver who can apply for a caregiver card with Utah State and can pick up and handle your cannabis for you.

5. Plan your cannabis orders to last you 1-2 months of supply, reducing travel to only a few times a year.

6. Travel in with a friend or another medical cannabis patient.

7. Join our waiting list for Home Delivery by clicking here. We will contact you when home delivery is available for your area.

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